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Recommended without hesitation.

"I had an EarFold procedure in February and the whole experience from initial consultation to post-op consultation was a pleasure. Mr Chan is such a gentleman and a total professional and you just know that if his patient was not happy, then he would not be happy. Recommended without hesitation. All the staff from reception to Mr Chan were a total pleasure to deal with."

- Stephen, Otoplasty
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Will be walking around the pool with my head held high

"Mr Chan is without doubt the best out there. On meeting with Mr Chan I felt instantly at ease and just knew I could trust him to do a professional job from start to finish. I was right. He did a perfect job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life and the way I see and feel about myself.”

- Ash, Inverted Nipple Surgery & Breast Reduction
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I will be eternally grateful

"I am 57 and had hooded eyes with dark lines under the eyelids. I have been transformed, simple as that. Apart from the cosmetic aspects which were flawless, I see a bigger, broader vista, as more of my eyeballs are visible. Mr Chan is a wonderful, passionate, perfectionist human being, quite a combination.”

Ed, Eyelid Surgery
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About Fuan Chan - Plastic Surgery Dublin

Mr F Chan Plastic Surgeon

Mr. Fuan Chan MD FRCSI(Plast)

Mr. Fuan Chan MD FRCSI(Plast) is a fully accredited consultant plastic surgeon who is passionate about improving the quality of patients' lives.


He strongly believes that passion drives motivation and relentless effort to excel in the field of plastic surgery. In consequence, patients benefit from the high standard of plastic surgical care and absolute commitment to achieve the best outcome.


Professionalism forms the basis of patient-doctor trust. Professionalism in plastic surgery entails very high ethical standards with comprehensive surgical skill sets and attention to detail; together with high standards of aesthetic and reconstructive senses which were built with over 10 years of comprehensive plastic surgery and clinical foundation. This also encompasses strict self-discipline and personal development coupled with the ongoing Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to stay abreast of the latest development and advances in plastic surgery.

Personalised Patient Care

Delivering standard patient care is not enough. Instead, delivering high-quality and safe services to the patients shall be the accepted practice. Every patient is different in many perspectives when it comes to aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. From the very first consultation, Mr. Chan will see the patients personally and guide them through the procedures that they are considering. He will also discuss any risks and concerns regarding the procedures. This personalised and individualised patient care leads to a high level of satisfaction.

Mr. Chan will guide you through the difficult and sometimes confusing decisions you may face when considering surgery. Patients are given time to consider the nature and indications, including the associated potential risks or complications of the proposed procedures. Follow-up protocols are in place to ensure continuous patient care. Combining passion, professionalism and the personalised patient care ensures the very best outcome for Mr. Chan's patients.


Our Services

Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer can lead to destruction of the cosmetic sensitive areas such as the face and other important parts of the body. Reconstructive surgery is essential in these areas in order to minimise functional and aesthetic impairment...

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Cosmetic Surgery Patient

Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery

Modern cosmetic surgery is no longer limited to celebrities. It is well accepted that many women and men seek to enhance themselves with cosmetic surgery...

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Asian Cosmetic Surgery

Asian Cosmetic Surgery

Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) populations are very concerned about certain facial aesthetics, specifically double eyelid surgery, augmentation rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. It is, however, crucial to maintain the ethnic features in Asian cosmetic surgery...

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Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery is rapidly evolving and the distinction between aesthetic and reconstructive components is no longer well delineated, as aesthetic reconstructive surgery continues to be appreciated by the surgeon and the patients...

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Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery

Trauma & Reconstructive

A significant component of plastic surgery is dedicated to the management of patients suffering from severe trauma or emergencies which requires the immediate attention of plastic surgeons...

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Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

The use of non-surgical techniques for facial rejuvenation is taking centre stage in aesthetic medicine. BOTOX`- and Soft tissue filler injections are two of the most commonly used injection procedures in non-surgical facial rejuvenation...

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skin cancer patient testimonial
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    "The masseter hypertrophy procedure was painless and simple. After 4 weeks I was delighted with the results. I would definitely come back!"

    A. Cheung, Dublin, Business Owner

  • client-img.png

    “My nose now looks great, and my breathing has improved dramatically”

    Cat, rhinoplasty patient, Dublin

  • client-img.png

    “The results of my breast augmentation surgery exceeded my expectations. Mr Chan has given me back my confidence”

    Rosemary, breast augmentation patient, Dublin

  • Blog-Article-mr-fuan-img.png

    “Mr Chan has an excellent manner. He explained everything very clearly to me, and went through all of the options open to me. Apart from being very skilled at what he does, he’s a very kind and generous man.”

    George, skin cancer patient, Dublin

  • Blog-Article-mr-fuan-img.png

    “Mr Chan's treatment was excellent and I was very pleased. His work was very neat and he makes sure to follow up at each stage in terms of removal of sutures and doing final checks. He is genuinely interested in the best outcome for his patient."

    Tony, melanoma patient

  • Blog-Article-mr-fuan-img.png

    “I would recommend Mr Chan without doubt. He is so professional and efficient but so understanding too. I owe him a lot and I can’t thank him enough.”

    Eddie, skin cancer patient, Wicklow


Mr. Fuan Chan MD FRCSI(Plast) will be happy to answer your questions about aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures that you may be considering.